Sunday, January 28, 2018

Girl with Four Legs

A BBC News item under Entertainment & Arts dated  26 January 2018  entitled "VanityFair gives Oprah and Reese Witherspoon extra limbs" brought to my mind an incident that happened to me  a few years back. The BBC article  is as follows:

Reese Witherspoon has asked fans to accept her for who she is - after Vanity Fair's latest cover revealed her to have a secret third leg.
She's one of 12 film stars photographed by Annie Leibovitz for the magazine's Hollywood issue, which is published every year during awards season.

Vanity Fair said the appearance of Witherspoon's third leg was, in fact, "the lining of her dress".

Coming back to my Four legged Girl, it is still a mystery of how it happened. While visiting Goa in 2013,  I had been to the famous  SHRI MANGESHI Temple at Ponda..

The Temple had a unique blend of Indian and Portuguese Architecture  and I have been taking some photographs of the temple. I was intrigued by the Kerala style tiled roof entrance to the temple and took a wide shot of it with my camera.
Entrance to the Temple
Suddenly a young girl sitting in the shadows of the building  rushed towards me and demanded what I was photographing. She had thought that I was photographing her. I showed her the photos I had taken  and she was convinced that I was actually photographing the Building. In fact, I was standing quite far and had taken the above  picture using a  compact  Point and shoot camera set in Auto Mode. Still I was puzzled by the strange behaviour of the girl.

I returned back home to Kerala and while going through the photos in my computer, I remembered the incident and enlarged the image and I was shocked and surprised to find this lurking in the shadows :

 Four Legged Girl on the Left
The Girl sitting on the left seems to have  Four Legs....

I think that while I was taking the Photo she was sitting with her legs wide apart and had had crossed her legs just  at the instant I clicked. That is why she had panicked and came to check my photo.  I am really puzzled as to how this got registered in a Single exposure by the camera. Since it was bright sunlight the shutter speed must have been high enough to freeze any movement.If the shutter had been slow the moving legs should have appeared as a blur. But here the image of the legs are sharp and clear. This is not a PHOTO SHOPPED picture..

Can any one explain how this had happened. I  had used a an old 10.3 MP Kodak Point and Shoot camera.

Kodak 10.3 MP  Camera

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