Saturday, November 5, 2011

Man's Best Friend

I have never had a Pet dog at home until I built a house and settled at Trivandrum. Our Labrador was named as Kittu and I was introduced to the world of unconditional love and affection of dog, described as man's best friend. He became one of our family and was great fun as a puppy and used to like bread slices soaked in milk. When he grew up it was bread and butter. Though a cage was built for him, he spent much of the time inside the home and mostly at the kitchen. It was on 18, December, 2003 that he died due to Distemper infection, leaving us all in great sorrow. Though the veterinary doctor had given anti rabies injection etc we were not aware of vaccines for distemper and he died at an early age of two and half years.


In order to overcome the loss, in the next month itself, we bought a similar black Labrador pup and named him Muthu. He got much more affection from all of us and was a much pampered person. He used to eat all sorts of fruits like jack fruit, apples, fish like Tuna or Netholi and snacks like egg puffs, pakoras. Ice cream, squashes and milkshakes are also his favourite items. The joy and the warm welcome he gives whenever return home even after a short trip is unbelievable. He will jump with happiness, bark and express himself, until I pat him down and allow him to lick my cheek. For nearly eight years he was the guardian of our home and love of our life.

Last October, he was having cold and cough and the doctor who treated him asked us to bring him to the hospital at P.M.G. Junction to have blood tests taken. He was found to have some liver problems and medicines were given. After about 15 days he stopped eating any food and doctor was summoned and Muthu was given intravenous glucose drip and many injections. But early in the morning of 31 October 2011, he died peacefully in his sleep. Till the last day he was healthy and walking and we never expected him to die so soon and so suddenly. His sudden departure had left a void in our life but we still feel his presence in every corner of our house.

Three months old

Kittu at 6 Months with son Abhilash

Playing with a bottle

Looking up to me with affection


Thank you both for showing me what unconditional love and affection means.
May you Rest in Peace

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