Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Comedy Actor Norman Wisdom takes the bow

The great British comedy actor Norman Wisdom passed away on 4 th October 2010, aged 95. Many of the younger generation in our country may not be aware of this great actor who was considered by none other than great Charlie Chaplin as his favourite clown.

Norman Wisdom at 92

It was while studying at the Loyola College, Madras (1963-66) that I happened to see his film On the Beat ( 1962) at Elphinstone theatre at Mount Road. It was a immensely funny film of Norman Wisdom trying to join the Police force inspite his short stature. I was hooked up immediately and became of a fan of him. In the next year the film A Stitch in Time (1963) was released and rushed to the theatre to see this film which made me an ardent admirer of his comedy.

Unfortunately I couldn't see any more of his films. It is said that he had done 19 films with Rank Organisation and had kept the company afloat when other major films flopped at the box office. The Rank films usually start with the title shot of a muscleman hitting a huge gong with a hammer. As the strong man is about to hit Norman Wisdom will enter and take the hammer from him and will hit the gong which will break in to pieces and the whole theatre will burst out with laughter.

Some time back from the net I downloaded the two old Black and white film and they still remain entertaining and funny. That shows the immortal nature of his performances. I bow before his memory for bringing me happiness.

For those who have not seen his films, please see his site to know more about him


  1. Hi,

    It's been bothering my dad for a long time that he couldn't find the movie where Norman Wisdom breaks the gong in to pieces. After quite a while and loads of searches your post has been the closest I've come to finding it.
    Do you know which movie that intro is in or is it just a theater intro.


    1. Hi James,
      I too very much remember the scene but not the name of the film! I case I find it I'll let you know....