Thursday, September 9, 2010

Murali , Tamil actor Passed Away

It came as a big shock to me that Murali, the leading hero of yesteryear passed away at a young age of 46, due to heart attack on the morning of 8 th September 2010. Only recently he had launched his son Atharv as hero in the Tamil film BAANA KATHTHADI and did not live to see his son’s career flourish! What a sad and sudden end!

Murali and I have worked together in only one film “PAGAL NILAVU” Director Mani Rathnam’s maiden Tamil film way back in 1985. We had a nice jolly relationship even though he was a just at the beginning of his career and I was a well known cinematographer. He was always polite and was a gentleman. At 21 years, he was quite enthusiastic and energetic performing well in both dance and stunt sequences. His jovial nature and friendliness made work in hot outdoor locations less strenuous.During the outdoor shooting at Kuttalam, after pack up the whole crew and artistes used to go the Five falls for a refreshing bath and have fun.

I never had an opportunity to do any other film with him nor meet him afterward. Still the memories of happy days linger long on the mind's screen.

I express my heartfelt condolences to his grieving family members and friends.


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