Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dogs Life - Saga of Survival

Next to my home is a vacant plot where previously a building existed. The buyers demolished it more than a year back and left it uncared. Meanwhile shrubs and weeds covered the whole place and it had become home for snakes, rats and other insects.

Some time in August 2009 I noticed a pair of dogs with eight puppies! Since the plot of land was securely protected by a compound wall and gate, obviously the mother had jumped the wall and had given birth there. The mother sometimes accompanied by the father will return regularly at feeding time to fill the stomachs of eight hungry puppies!

Puppies at feeding time

After sometime the visits of the mother dog became less frequent as she had run out of milk and during those rare visitsthe hungry puppies used to crowda round her competing to draw out whatever milk was available. For a few days I did not see the puppies and I was under the impression that they have left the place. But one day I found them foraging for some edible leaves and grass etc. Then I realized that they got trapped in that compound with no means of going out and with out any food. They had somehow survived eating God knows what! If left like that they were sure to die out of starvation.

At home I have a pet Labrador called Muthu who is fed and looked after like a family member. Hence,I took pity upon those poor things and threw in some bread slices. They ran away and hid themselves out of fear. Slowly, slowly, they came out and started eating whatever is being given.

Puppies in September

As I had to go for a month long outdoor shooting, the feeding of the puppies had been taken over by my wife who prepares some additional food for them. Also my brother-in-law's family living next door started providing them some food ! And when I returned back by the lsat week of October , I found them grown up.

In end of October

I do hope in a month or so they will be able to jump the wall and go to explore the world outside!

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